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Just rewatched this tutorial pretty amateur tutorial I made a while back on Audacity and it makes me want to play around with importing raw data and data bending again. Might make something really interesting some time soon.

Also I can’t believe it has over a 1000 views. To be honest when I was making it I thought it would be seen by maybe 100 people.

A promotional video I created for SuperF111 involving the game Beat Hazard.

Can you beat that score? 

DOWNLOAD THE SONG FOR FREE and post your score in the videos comments.

After making the Sound of Colour - - I decided I would create a tutorial based on importing RAW data in Audacity.

This technique can create some very interesting sounds and is fun to play around with. 

This is my first ever tutorial so be kind!

Something I didn’t mention in the video is that when importing RAW data it is best not to have your sound too high on your speakers as some of the sounds can be quite harsh.

Would love to hear some feedback if you have any. ENJOY!

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Resources Every Band Should Use on the Internet

MySpace used to be a juggernaut on the Internet. MySpace used to be the hip place to be and its music platform would send bands into the stratosphere. Now-a-days it is a ghost town. People moved on and MySpace Music does not share the same relevance it now does. Here are some resources that bands can use on the internet to replace the void that was MySpace to get noticed and introduce a plethora of people to your music.


Why is MySpace a ghost town? Everyone moved onto Facebook. Not only that but it also appealed to a much larger audience. That saying if you are a band you should create a Facebook page for the band. Fans and potential fans can “Like” the page and keep up with what you are doing. You can create events to promote your gigs. A Facebook Page also allows you to get in contact with your fans, hear feedback, discuss with them as well as share links from other places you may be on the internet. There are also apps that can extend the users experience these include music players, here is a few to get started.


Just like Facebook, Twitter is another social network with a huge user base. Micro blogging is a good way for a band to promote themselves in short bursts. They can share links from other sites in the form of promotion. People can follow the band and keep up to date with what they are doing. Whether this is a gig dates, music, news, interviews etc. 

Other Resources you might not have thought about

Band Camp

Band Camp allows bands to affordably sell their music and merchandise to fans with ease. Bandcamp allows you to sell your stuff whether it be physical or digital at what ever price you want and with a lot of freedom of choice. A list of benefits can be found here.

The benefit of having an online store allows you to sell your stuff to not just those who go to your shows but the whole internet. Someone might go to your show and wanted to buy a t-shirt but might be a bit broke. If you had an online store they would be able to jump onto it and buy the t-shirt come payday. Also having a link for an online store on your web site or Facebook page allows for another stream of income which could fund the band to record music and keep the band doing what it does. 

Big Cartel

Another online store tool. This one is very customizable which allows a band to have it blend into their website without users realising they have even left your site. Also it allows for bands to organise the e-commerce side easily so there is no headaches in working out all the logistics when it comes to money.

More can read more about Big Cartel here.


Youtube is the biggest video community on the internet. Most people when they want to see a video on the internet, unless it is pornographic, will head over to YouTube. Also it has common practice that if you want to check out a band people will check you out on YouTube weather it is a music video or live footage.

So how can you use this to your advantage? Well just by having content up will help. Whether this be video announcements, something amusing, a music video or live footage of the band playing. Once a video is up on YouTube it doesn’t have to only just stay up on YouTube it can easily be embedded on array of places on the internet including websites, forums, blogs and many other places. This means that you do not need to host the video in multiple places and can make website hosting much cheaper. It is easy to spread your video and allow it to reach a large number of people. Here is a list of things that you might not have known YouTube could do.


As we all know YouTube is a very large community aand while it shines by having some great content it also has alot of crap on it. If you don’t want to assosiate your videos some of the junk on YouTube then try Vimeo, a video site for creative people. You can read more about Vimeo here. And just like youTube it is very easy to share your video all over the internet.

Also it might be a good place to look if you ever need to find a film-maker for video projects related to your music.


SoundCloud is a sound hosting site which allows for alot of community interaction. SoundCloud allows you to create a music player for your music with out any knowledge of coding which can be shared all over the internet, in a similar fashion to a video from Vimeo and YouTube. It can also be connected with over 100 apps for desktop, mobile and web making your music extra versatile.

You can takes the Soundcloud Tour to learn even more  

Triple J Unearthed (Australia only)

In Australia Triple J is a national youth orientated radio station which plays mostly alternative music. They play a mixture of music that you might see on Pitchfork as well as other genres of alternative music as well as a heavy does of Australian music. I guess it would be simular to NPR in many ways.

If you are a band from Australia you would know about Triple J and would love to get some airplay by them. Well they do have a webstie called Triple J Unearthed which is for unsigned acts to get noticed. Users can download your tracks and they run plenty of competitions for spots on festivals or to support much larger acts. And usually if you win they play your music a fair bit on the radio.

This is only open to those in Australia, so sorry for any international readers. If there is an international equivalent let me know.

You might already use, the site which tracks what you listen to and then recommends music based off that. Users might find there new favourite band and that might just be yours. There is also the option of downloading and streaming free music which helps the experience of discovering new bands much easier. You can find out more about here. And here is how you can add your band to

Related articles - Using to promote your band in 6 easy steps

===Also here are a tip before you uploading your music to any site===

Make sure your musical tags are correct before uploading anywhere. Musical tags, aka ID3, are the information in the mp3 which tell who is the band, name of the song, what album it came from as well as other information. Make sure this is correct otherwise people might not know who you are and it definitely wont scrobble properly on It also looks lazy if you haven’t done the tags.



Blogs are great for fans and even potential fans to keep up with what you are doing. This could be to announce a tour or gig, show progress on recordings, life on the road, or anything else that is news worthy. Music news sites love them too as it gives them content for them to write about. a list of Blog sites can be found here although the most popular are Tumblr and Blogger.


This social network allows people you know, or might not know, know where you are as you “check in” to places. This might not seem like a thing bands could use but it might be a good place to advertise gigs you are playing. You can read more about FourSquare here


This is Google’s new social network. It is the newest social network and probably the largest growing due to the influence of Google. At the moment it is the invite only but you might know somone who already has one who could invite you. If not feel free to contact me and I can send you an invite.

Sharing tools (like button, tweet button, Google +1 etc)

Some social networks may already have these function but it should be added to your website or blog. This is a quick way to have your pages or profiles shared through out the internet among fans and the people that they associate with. 

Having a website

A website is the one of the best ways to promote your music it is the most versatile and central way to promote you music. A website can utilise all the above listed tools and services above to expand your website making it interactive and informative. A site is also a good way to link off to off site content like Facebook, etc. The website should have all your information a fan should need to know about your band and you music and you should be the central piece of information.

Now-a-days websites don’t need to be manually updated with all kinds of scripts can use information from various social networks and add it to your website automatically. Weather this is based off information or events on Facebook or photos on Flcikr.

Looking for a website?

If this, very long, article has inspired you to promote your band in so many new ways and you are quite serious about it then you should get yourself a website. But you are thinking “I don’t know how to make a professional looking website”, well you are in luck as I do and I can create one to tailor to your needs as a band. Also I don’t charge a fortune like others as I am looking for some work to add to my portfolio. So if you are interested in a website all you need to do is contact me and I can give you a quote.

What are my other services that will benefit bands?

Well, apart from web design and development I also do some design and I am also branching into social media marketing. Social media marketing you say? That is correct so if you have red the article above and not quite sure where to start I can create a social media strategy to get you on the right path using it correctly.


If you are interested in any of the above you can contact me in various different ways…

Email -



This is an experimental video in which I have taken images of colour and imported them as RAW data in Audacity. The sounds are the product of that process and are matched up with the colours shown on screen. The video starts off with a plain run of the colours that were used then I made up a sequence using the colours previously used which a little more interesting.

More information on this video.


Trevor Van As - Freelance Creative

A poster for an experimental video I have been working on. The video will be up in the next 24 hours, so the poster is a bit of teaser till then.

Follow the blog or my Twitter or like my page on Facebook to be one of the first to see the new video. 


Trevor Van As - Freelance Creative

Upcoming Projects

Now that my website has been revamped I am now able to fill it up with new projects. These will up in the next coming weeks and include….

An experimental video based on sound and colour.

A project to create different solutions for interactive books for screen. This will involve the Internet Archive.

Also Project Daily is approaching 100 days so I will try to make something special for the event.

I will keep you posted once work has commenced.

The Dead Island trailer did the rounds on the internet late last week and it was one of the biggest videos of the week, it was even a trending topic on Twitter. As shown above the games video is quite interesting and beautiful, even though it was about zombies. It also gave the not yet released video a lot more attention and from what I can tell from internet forums and twitter a lot of people are excited about the game.

I am not quite excited as of yet as the video showed no gameplay, the video was purely cinematic. But the trailer is a fantastic piece of film, with some great animation.

The purpose of this gameplay lacking trailer was not so much to show off the game but to create awareness and excitement for the game. When I this is shown at E3 later in the year I am sure there will be a lot more attention put on the game than if this video didn’t exist.