I guess this post is more designed for people who want more details than “it looks a little different.”

The most obvious change to the website is that it is a little more visually consistent and slick that it previously was. Some objects now have outlines where they didn’t before, plus it is also a little bit easier to read. I think that having the colour #c7c7c7 was a little too dark to have behind black text so this has been changed to the much easier #f0f2f2.

The website is coded much better. There are now no longer tables. The div tags are also structured much better. There is also less unnecessary CSS, which has eliminated me reusing some of the code. Also the HTML was looking a little bit messy before and it has now been given a bath and is much cleaner. These changes came about more as a way of good practice and putting into practice what I have learned since I last revamped the website.

There are a few extra social media aspects to the site. The most obvious one being on the home page with a button which allows you to tweet me. I also added a hashtag button on the Project Daily page as it is an ongoing (daily as the name tells everyone) project and one I wanted to promote.

And last but not least is a new page to the website, the Playlist. It is essentially a page which promoted the music of bands that I have worked with in the past. All the music on the page at the moment are embedded SoundCloud songs. It makes it easy to share the songs then with others and a few of the songs are even free to download.

Well that is it for now. If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me through Tumblr, Twitter or email me at


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